Monday, July 7, 2008

Vacation Vacation and oh wait, more Vacation!

So, as my title reads, I'm on vacation! Its been quite amazing. I feel as I am in Heaven most of the time. I look back to a year ago and God has done some amazing stuff. Following His will really makes a difference. I am confident in my faith in God and also myself. I love myself. Its a great thing.

I had just started my vacation when someone in the church mentioned a revival happening in Florida. I grew up anti-religious with not even understanding who Jesus Christ was. I even watched the movie, "Leap of Faith" with Steve Martin where he basically mocks evangelists. I still don't quite understand the whole religious term of evangelical but I know my faith in God and I don't question it. I am in complete trust of the Holy Spirit of Jesus guiding me and I know He hears my prayers.

Life has been great since following God. Depression has stopped completely, I look forward to life, I have a career, and leadership skills. I have supernatural connections and friendships that I know will be forever. I used to be lonely but now I am never alone. Its a good thing.

So as I think about what this weekend will be like, I just have to rejoice to God at where he brought me this past year. Praise to God for the joy He has brought to my life and this opportunity to experience this revival. May God continue to bless it!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well, I'm on vacation, again! I love it. I filed for unemployment on Monday - took a half hour no less. I feel good.

However, this guy at work really got on my nerves. I have to be really careful if I say anything to my boss because it was more than just bugging me, he was questioning my work and my character and I did not like it. I pray God gives me the right timing and opportunity to tell my boss if I do. I dont know if I should. I feel like because its not black and white I'll just look complaining. Its hard thing to decide.

Today I woke up at 630am naturally, made coffee and went for a run. well more like a jog.

Life is good. I just want to make sure I dont get bored the next two months.

I'm so grateful to have good health insurance and dental insurance. I got my teeth cleaned on Tuesday and they are fine!

I think I'm going to Marblehead tomorrow for the night.

Ok thats it for now....just happy to be on vacation, again!

Monday, May 26, 2008

2 weeks left of work!

Today is Memorial Day and I had Friday off so I came up to my mom's this weekend. On Friday night I saw Prince Caspien which I thought was good but I guess it got mixed reviews. Then we got Thai food and relaxed the rest of the night. Saturday morning we got up had coffee and took a walk. It is so peaceful. Then we just chilled most of the day and had dinner together.

Sunday is a whole other story! Long story short - I did an intake of a woman a couple weeks ago and she shows up at the house! It turns out her mother is friends with my mother. This is so amazing and such a God connection. It shows that God is watching over my life and knows exactly what I need. I cannot wait to go in to work Tuesday and tell my boss this story. I don't think I will be her family advocate which is okay because she is a little manic - up and down a lot. But I know whoever will be hers will be good for her. But I'm so shocked and amazed by this. God is good!

Today mom has some friends over then we are leaving in a little while to go back to Somerville. I'm ready to work again but I've really realized that I have to just appreciate enjoying the present. Joyce Meyer is amazing. She said, you have a relationship with yourself more than with other people. If you spend the whole time hating yourself, it will be a pretty aweful relationship. Its true you spend more time with yourself then anyone else, you should love yourself! Thats amazing! Those words really changed my life and that I should enjoy every waking moment. Life wouldn't be fun if I hated myself all the time. I'm going to start loving myself more.

I finish work June 6th. That is only 2 weeks away. I can't believe it. This year has been amazing, its more than a job. I've learned about myself. I've learned how I interact with others and how I interact with myself. I learned that I can do this type of work and enjoy it. I have realized that this is where God wants me to be. Thank you, Lord for all you have done!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quick Post

I'm on vacation again? It feels so surreal. I don't think I deserve it, yet I know I do.

Lately I feel like my life is the song, Turn It Around - lyrics are:
All things are possible for you all things are possible
Nothing's too difficult for you nothing's to difficult
I'm ready for change ready for rain ready for favor I know you able to

Chorus: Turn it around open the windows of Heaven pour out a blessing overflow turn it around open the windows of Heaven pour out a blessing we cannot contain let it rain let it rain

You have turned my mourning to dancing you've turned my sorrow to joy you have turned my whole life around thank you thank you Lord

Amen, Jesus!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I'm so happy to be on vacation, last night I was just so tired, I went to bed around 10pm on a Friday night. But my body needed it and I feel much better. My stomach has been hurting me a bit so I didn't eat dinner but the funny thing was that I wasn't hungry until about 9am. I woke up at 630 rested but stayed in bed until 730. I love sleep!

This week should be good, but starting today should be fun. Rehearsal at 2pm, then hopefully seeing Vanessa for a movie. I have to do some cleaning and packing. Tomorrow is church all day - literally. I'm helping with logistics from 830-1pm then doing a choir thing in the afternoon. I'll relax all night and then Monday I'm off to Marlbehead!

I'm really looking forward to getting away from the city. It is very much needed. Sometimes the city is draining on me even though I love it. I'm never bored. But it will be good to feel like i'm in a cottage near the ocean. I'll come back rested and refreshed.

I'm so looking forward to the conference thats in two weeks. Its going to be fun! I'm really starting to come into my own at the job. I believe people respect me now, my classrooms seem to fall into place. It took all year and it was a hard year but I've learned not to take things personal with the teachers, I've gained a lot of self-confidence with the hard cases I had, I really learned a lot. I felt like I was getting paid for going to school since it was such a learning experience. I bet I can get into any grad school when I decided to go.

For now I should do a little cleaning but it felt good this morning to wake up early, rested and ready to go. 9 days left of vacation here I come!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Discovery Weekend

So this was a launch of the new program at church called Discovery Weekend. It was okay. I knew most of my gifts anyways and I've been feeling kind of drained. I am doing well at work, yay! But sometimes feel a little pushed and pulled in different directions. I guess thats the nature of my job. I was thinking how could I do one more thing that God wants me to do, well I guess if its His will, he will make it happen and it will be good.

One thing that came out of this short weekend of discovery, was that I love to lead and I love to sing. Well I already knew that...but I think I want to do a traveling singing group that goes around Cambridge and Somerville to sing God's word. If you are interested, please let me know!

There are some goals that I need to think about: getting a license. I would like to get over that fear of driving and get it by August, that would be a miracle. I would love prayer in that.

I feel so accomplished that this year is almost over, only about 3 more real weeks of work, because I am off April 21-25. Then May 5-8 is our conference in Norwich CT.

So things are good, I just have to not get overwhelmed with life thats all, but thats only human right??

I praise God in Jesus name,

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Awesome weekend

It has been a great weekend! First Irma and I spent together most of the time and watched two good movies: August Rush and No Reservations. I think August Rush was better but both were about the same things, feeling abandoned in life and finding acceptance later. It all takes time. Thankfully I was never abandoned in life but I still have those feelings like I will loose my parents someday, but of course everyone goes through that feeling. I'm gaining my independence by living on my own, earning my own expenses as a 20 something year old should do by now! So it feels really fulfilling.

Today I had a long day of worship! First it started with worship at the Boston site. It was good to come together as a choir and a community, thats what it is all about, worshiping Jesus as a group and give it all to God. So that was good, I could feel the Spirit touch down n us.

Then we all headed back to the Cambridge Site, caught a little of the second service and got some more worship in and then had lunch -- pizza! yay! I take pleasure in simple things though I did have four slices, whoops!

Then we had rehearsal until 345ish. We have a concert Thursday. Its cool because some of the worship leaders are singing so we are a bigger choir, it makes sense since there are loud instruments so we want more sound.

So right now I'm pretty pooped, its a good thing I have tomorrow off to recover! I think I'm seeing my mom in the afternoon/evening. Then Tuesday its back to work and Irma is starting in my job and my boss should be back, should account for an interesting week. I'm looking forward to the concert though.

God is good, and I am very happy, just very tired :)